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Adwords Strategy, Management & Analysis

The This^ team is extremely experienced in using Google AdWords. We have been running AdWords campaign strategy, management & analysis on the platforms for years. We help our clients create strong AdWords campaign strategies based on our years of experience. We then build the AdWords campaign around the strategy and optimize each campaign daily. Depending on the clients needs, we provide a report with key findings & recommendations for each AdWords campaign weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Based on the analysis, we continue to optimize each campaign, which results in continually getting the most power out of every penny spent.

What types of things is your target audience searching for online? It is important to use experienced Google AdWords managers, as Google loves to update this platform often. Another benefit of Google AdWords is being able to help you narrow down effective keywords for your digital ad campaign before launch, which we will also help you perform.

One of the advantages of digital advertising is the ability to measure success in real time. Analytics allow you to track trends, so you’ll know when your ads are thriving, when they’re underperforming, which ones to optimize and which ones to alter. The This^ team are big believers in running A/B tests, as we constantly optimize your campaigns.

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Illustration by: Becky McMillan