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Dell digital marketing

Rebecca McMillan created a mobile optimized website strategy & marketing plan for Dell EMEA. She also created a mobile advertising strategy for Dell EMEA with the goal of increased mobile conversions.

financial times digital marketing

Rebecca McMillan was personally invited to an exclusive summit the Financial Times held in their London HQ. The goal of the summit was to strategically develop solutions to the current digital problems they faced as well as future proof the Times, based on the current competitive landscape and technological advances. The other attendees invited were from Google, the BBC and MIT. Rebecca also lead the team for a project creating the prototype for the revised FT App.

Microsoft digital marketing

Rebecca McMillan created the strategy for Microsoft EMEA HR's first European marketing campaign. The initial campaign was rolled out in one localized market but the overall campaign strategy which required the flexibility to have a localized roll out across various markets in Europe.

xbox digital marketing

Rebecca created the strategy & digital plan for Xbox Ireland to launch localized digital marketing in Ireland, specifically focusing on social media channels. For the first time, the Irish Xbox digital marketing campaigns and content were separate from the generic EMEA campaigns & content. The results were incredible and everyone involved was thrilled. She also created a new localized retailer campaign that was mainly digital focused with a strong emphasis on social media in its execution.

Bank of Ireland digital marketing

Rebecca created the strategic plan for the re-launched Bank of Ireland website answering the goals to improve optimization, conversions, user experience and lead generation. She also performed a full analysis of the previous site including navigation, content, conversions, and analytics.

sports digital marketing

Rebecca created the digital sales strategy for Setanta Sports re-launched website including all their social media channels. She created the strategy, sales structure, sales presentations as well as tactics to build awareness of the refreshed site.

government digital marketing

Rebecca had the pleasure of working very closely with the IDA (Ireland's foreign direct investment government agency) including writing a digital marketing plan for them as well as the research & initial launch of the re-design of their new website in 2014. A component of the plan involved utilizing their social media channels as well as adding new channels. The IDA won ‘Best Use of Social’ in the FDI global awards.

Business growth vancouver

Rebecca ran an online startup business that became a successful multi-euro company. She was hired by a direct response agency to create and build the digital arm of their business. This agency is now known for their work for Google, Dell and Molson Coors. She was then hired to grow the largest digital agency in Ireland into key international markets and succeeded. When she moved back to Vancouver she partnered in an agency in Vancouver for just over a year and the company’s revenue and profit more than doubled year on year. She sold her half of this company and founded This^ Digital Agency.

Digital Video & Photography Content Creation

Jeremy Dyson has created video and photography content for numerous Release The Hounds digital campaigns. He worked through the strategy, concept and execution of each different campaign concept from start to finish. He has also helped create a bank of content that can be used for various digital brand executions.

digital brand presence

Kim Konnert created the branding and marketing strategy for BCLC’s first responsible gambling conference. The campaign included the development of a conference website, digital advertising, and a significant email campaign. The first year exceeded attendance targets and attracted international delegates.

cloud strategy & marketing

Rebecca wrote the strategic business and marketing plan for a global cloud computing business. The plan was for the Irish, UK, US & Caribbean markets.

digital marketing vancouver

Kim managed the design, development, and maintenance of Escents’ online promotions for two e-commerce websites, social media channels, blog, and email marketing - resulting in an increase in engagement metrics and sales.


This is a sampling of testimonials about our This^ team.

``Rebecca is an astute worker, with critical, strategic thinking - Rebecca operates in a different league. She always delivers. She goes above and beyond the norm, and is not afraid to challenge traditional thinking. A considerate, caring leader, taking into account all aspects of each project & resources available - she leads from the front, and always gets results. Rebecca is also a boots-on-the-ground representative, taking responsibility for projects > end-to-end. From concept to activation and after. And that's rare these days.`` - Nick Keegan, Digital Creative & Content Strategist


``I can honestly say that Rebecca operates in a league of her own. Rebecca is such a highly talented marketing professional who's innovation, enthusiasm & positive energy lifts the spirit of those lucky enough to be around her. A fantastic problem solver, who continually delivers results and goes above & beyond in providing exceptional digital marketing services.`` - Michelle Eccles, Solutions Specialist


``Although there are endless options when looking for a photography specialist, very few have the ‘whole package’ like Jeremy. He truly understands the client journey and how to use visualization with both photo and video to enhance the client experience. Complimenting this, Jeremy is wonderful to work with. I have had the privilege to work with Jeremy on numerous projects and in each one, before beginning, he first ensured he understood the objectives, parameters and goals and made sure that he delivered as we expected.” - James Woller, Co-Owner


``Rebecca brings huge energy to everything she does and can light up a room in moments. She gets stuck into every aspect of the marketing puzzle to draw attention and engagement. She has great ideas and strategic thinking to offer and if you want to make an impact, Rebecca can make it happen.`` - John O'Donovan, CTO


``Rebecca is one of the most charismatic, energetic and welcoming people I have ever met. She is a fantastic motivator and team leader who constantly comes up with creative ideas. I have found Rebecca to be extremely helpful and insightful. Her bubbly personality makes her a joy to work with. She has an abundance of skills and experience in digital marketing and exudes this knowledge which helps the people around her to grow. Rebecca could not come more highly recommended and I would jump at the chance to work with her on any project.`` - Michelle Glynn, Account Manager


``Kim is a passionate and dedicated marketer with the ability to turn objectives into real results. Her understanding of creative concepts, how to ask the right questions, and a keen attention to detail while managing all aspects of every project, ensures seamless management every time. She helps make even the most deadline oriented projects stay on track, on time and on budget. She has a fun, energetic personality and her honest approach to any obstacle makes her a trusted partner.`` - Lisa Moore, Director of Product Development & Marketing


``I was incredibly impressed with Rebecca’s prowess in digital marketing. She is especially skilled in strategy, planning, and presenting, always representing the company to the highest standard. She has her finger on the pulse of digital and her enthusiasm affects everyone she works with. Rebecca makes positive impacts on every project she works with and you can't help but be infected by her optimism.`` - Meaghan Rogers, Digital Marketing Manager


``Rebecca is an enthusiastic and creative team player. With her intelligence, hard work ethic and smart sense of humour, Rebecca strives for excellence and achieves success in anything she puts her mind to.`` - Julie Ivanusec, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist


``Rebecca brings a really great energy, always has a positive attitude, and is definitely a team player. She is very good at what she does.`` - Courtney Jang, Digital Marketing Team Lead


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