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Working with the Prime Minister of Ireland

Working with the Prime Minister of Ireland

I loved the opportunity I had while living in Dublin to work with the Prime Minister of Ireland (called the Taoiseach). The Prime Minister and his party were a client of the digital agency in which I was a Director.

Each time our team built a microsite, app or ran a national digital campaign for the Prime Minister we held a media launch event in the agency offices. It was so fun and exciting for me as an Expat to help in these events, not to mention the projects we did for them were also cool.

There would be 50+ cameramen & reporters trying to get a good spot in our conference room, hallway or outside the front steps in order to ask questions and gain a minute with the PM and various Ministers that would also attend the launch events.

These mornings were always filled with excitement and high energy, I really enjoyed working with the PM and his team. Gaining experience working with a different countries government was invaluable. I already had previous experience working with local government officials in BC and found the different ways of doing things extremely interesting. There is nothing quite like the excitement that builds when the Head of State arrives somewhere.




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