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Digital Media Ad Planning & Buying

We perform digital media ad planning & buying for the Google Display Network (GDN), Google AdWords and of course website specific buys.

Digital ads make it easy to reach the right audience, monitor your progress and make any necessary campaign adjustments along the way. Spending your media budget on digital advertising undeniably goes so much farther than offline media buys ever could – in terms of value for spend, analysis and niche targeting.

One of the advantages of digital advertising is the ability to measure success in real time. Analytics allow you to track trends, so you’ll know when your ads are thriving, when they’re underperforming, which ones to optimize and which ones to alter. The This^ team are big believers in running A/B tests, we continually optimize your campaigns.

We will also work through if your campaign should create specific landing pages for each ad/campaign instead of being directed to your homepage. In general, campaign specific landing pages outperform ads that link to a homepage.

What types of things is your target audience searching for online? The This^ team is extremely experienced in using Google AdWords and have run campaigns on these platforms for years. Google loves to update this platform often, so it is important to use experienced Google AdWords managers. Another benefit of Google AdWords is being able to help you narrow down effective keywords for your digital ad campaign before launch, we will do this for you.

We also make sure you are advertising on channels that your audience uses. This key step is surprisingly often missed. We know it can be overwhelming trying to choose how to advertise online with so many formats available – video, social media and banner ads, we are to help.

Digital ads must be mobile friendly. Mobile ad impressions are almost 50/50 with desktop/tablet impressions in 2017. Over the next couple years, mobile ads are projected to globally overtake desktop in terms of impressions. The geo-targeting capabilities that digital ads provide are also an important element of a strategic digital media plan.

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