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WHY This^


Using “This^” emerged out of forum culture in the early 2000s, before the advent of mainstream social media. It was the only way to express support of a great post without the symbol of a star or a heart to click on being invented yet. Writing “This^” may be the earliest form of a fav or shared post. It was web 1.0’s quickest shorthand for liking something, reiterating it, or owning the original poster’s words as your own. On the limitless internet where so many things demand our attention at once, we use “This^” to mark something that deserves to stand out. The This^ team will help you and your brand stand out from the crowd.

Simplified Briefing

We have simplified the briefing process in a way that saves you time and money while still allowing us to gain all the information we need from you.

Problem Solvers

We problem solve your pain points and challenges, leaving you the time you need to do your daily and quarterly tasks in order to achieve your goals with less daily stress.


We provide transparent billable hours with weekly updates to ensure there are no surprise costs and projects stay within budget.

Project KPI's

We are accountable at This^. We set KPI’s with our clients before we begin any project in order to ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of goals and expectations.

Research & Analysis

Have you ever felt like the person showing you the stats doesn’t understand them?! At This^ we understand the stats, stats are a massive part of our days. We use research and the numbers in order to make informed decisions.

Project Management

We have a simple to use online PM tool for collaborating & communicating with our clients. Our project management tool ensures we stay on the critical path and honour scheduled and agreed deadlines.


The senior team at This^ is made up of a strong blend of marketing strengths. Each leader on the team brings unique skills, experience and wisdom to our digital agency. From business growth strategy, to anywhere your business appears online, our team provides two decades of digital marketing experience to help you achieve your goals and make your job easier. Read about our senior team members.




Rebecca McMillan spent five years in Dublin, Ireland - also known as 'the Silicon Valley of Europe' where she worked on digital marketing and business growth projects for phenomenal companies such as Microsoft, Dell, the Financial Times, Google and Xbox. Rebecca also lead the successful launch of an online startup business into a multi-million euro company ready for its exit strategy.

Rebecca’s career passions have always centered around strategy and research. She genuinely enjoys the business planning process and loves to delve into the complexities of figuring out the best strategy to achieve each business goal, ideally using data whenever possible.

Rebecca puts a strong emphasis on Direct Response Marketing as well as the Test & Measure Business Model after seeing the results they both deliver while building a successful start-up business for a venture capital firm.

Rebecca has always volunteered in a variety of ways with her local community. She is on the advisory board for Dress for Success Vancouver and was also a steering committee member for the 2017 Pink Shirt Day luncheon run by the CKNW Orphans Fund. She created & volunteers running self-worth workshops for 10 – 12-year-old girls, a project very close to her heart.


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