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This^ digital agency announcement

This^ Digital Agency Launch Announcement

This^ Digital Agency will officially launch in June 2017. On the limitless internet where so many things demand our attention at once, we use “This^” to mark something that deserves to stand out. Our goal at This^ is to be described as a dream agency by our clients and earn our name for standing out.

This^ Digital Agency was founded after doing extensive research into all the pain points clients suffer while working with their current and previous agencies. This^ seeks to be the finest partner possible and provide best in-class agency services to each client, while also helping raise up our local community. Our motto is #ClientFirst. This^ is a boutique agency based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Rebecca McMillan, Managing Director said “At This^ our clients are best described as partners. We train ourselves in our client’s business to gain a genuine understanding of their industry, challenges, goals and day to day work life. We strive each day to give our clients the level of service they need in order for them to excel in their own roles.”

“An agency is only ever the team working there at anyone time that make it up. Our senior team has a unique range of expertise that make for incredible collaborations when working together on projects. The breadth of experience this team has in the digital space is a rare combination in Vancouver” McMillan said.

Ms. McMillan finished “for businesses that are unsure of where to begin in terms of digital marketing, a good place to start is reviewing your current digital presence. Once we have reviewed your current presence, we will create a strategic online presence for your brand or company”.

Email, phone or fill out the ‘Ask Us’ form for any inquiries.

You can also send a direct message on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat @digitalagencyinc



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