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Our team has a unique blend of web development skills. Rebecca McMillan, our MD, studied web design & development in 2011 that included HTML5, PHP and JavaScript. She has used these skills in each of her roles over the last six years. One of her favourite projects out of the entire digital marketing space is the planning of a new responsive website. A new site is a large undertaking, at This^, we have broken the process into nine phases.

Research Phase

The research phase always uncovers hidden gems that will help the new site immensely. It is so rewarding when each of these gems are discovered. They always make a huge impact on the success of the new website.

The Information Architecture (IA) Phase

The Information Architecture (IA) phase is also a lot of fun to plan and know you are getting right. An IA involves organizing and labelling your website to support the most efficient usability.

The Wireframe Phase

Then we work with our designer on your wireframes to begin to bring the site to life.

The UX Phase

We then really push for User Experience (UX) testing with the final wireframes. We use a program that makes this very easy, it is such an integral step to ensure an easy to use site is built. UX is the process of enhancing a users experience on the site, it involves creating guided journeys and ensuring users never get lost.

The Design Phase

Clients always love when the designer takes over and begins designing the site with their graphic standards and making it all come to life.

The Development Phase

We then move into the development phase to build your site. Bruno, our Head of Design, studied Javascript and jQuery which really helps create a seamless process from design into development due to his development knowledge. He also has a lot of experience in the development of visual identities and their various applications which is very useful in website design.

The Testing Phase

Finally, we test the site on all browsers and platforms before finally going live with your new site.

CMS (Content Management System)

Depending on the skill level of your team, we either continue to manage your site for you including all maintenance and updates or we hold a training session with your staff to learn the site CMS and have a handover period before your team takes over site management.

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Illustration by: Becky McMillan


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