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Digital Strategy

You might be surprised how many businesses don’t know why they are setting up a Facebook page, revising their website or even if they really need that app they are building. A digital strategy is a must in 2017 for most brands.

It is extremely important to set your brand goals before launching digital elements. Every brand should not use every social channel and doesn’t necessarily need an app.

You also might be surprised how difficult some brands find it to get their stakeholders attention first and then to begin engaging with them, it is not one size fits all online.

The unique element of digital is how it is extremely flexible and instantly changeable.

The team at This^ gets rid of all the noise and complexity our clients feel from the digital realm and focus on effectiveness and efficiency. We pride ourselves on balancing the artistry with the analysis.

Research, analysis, and measurement is a critical piece in implementing any effective digital marketing strategy.

The This^ team are proven at creating winning digital strategies. Our MD, Rebecca McMillan has built her career creating successful business growth strategies.

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Illustration by: Becky McMillan


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